The most useful startup insights

…that fewest founders know

Startup Builder is a non-fluff blog that helps founders and VCs build great companies.

Think of it as a map for navigating your ship across a dangerous ocean. While you haven’t traveled everywhere, you can piece together a complete map from the ventures of 1,000 founders who came before you.

However, you only need the non-obvious insights – the pieces your map might miss.

That is what Startup Builder does.

My name is Henrik Angelstig, and every week I consume countless hours of books and podcasts to learn why some startups succeed while others don’t. I then distill the most non-obvious lessons into short posts you can read in a few minutes. Bringing you the most useful insights that fewest founders know.

Henrik Angelstig

Why you may NOT want to read this blog

Every author has their flaws. Before you read this blog, I want to be upfront about my own limitations:

I’m just an MSc student from Stockholm. I know hardly anything about life, work, or much else.

So what makes me qualified to write about startups?

Because just as a scientist can study what makes a great athlete without being an athlete themselves, so too can a nobody like me study what makes startups successful without having lived through every experience myself.

And if there’s 1 thing I do well, it’s to spend an ungodly number of hours learning from other founders’ experiences and summarizing them into simple and succinct posts. So that you can gain their many years of hard-won insight in just a few minutes.

If that sounds like a great deal, then Startup Builder may be the perfect blog for you!

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The most useful startup insights that fewest founders know